Hello, Kate Monster.

This is Kate Monster. She’s a character from one of my favorite musicals, Avenue Q.

I’m naming this blog after her, because I am her — a girl who used to be full of idealism, who tried to overcome biases day in and day out, but eventually got eaten by the unfairness of the world.

I’m kinda pretty, and pretty damn smart.
I like romantic things, like music and art.
And as you know I have a gigantic heart
So why don’t I have a boyfriend?
It sucks to be me!

(It Sucks to be me — Avenue Q)

She got better in the end of the musical. I hope I do too.

This new blog is the result of yet another quarter life crisis; still related to purpose, still related to my internal debate regarding idealism and pragmatism. I don’t exactly remember how we figured that this could help, but regardless, I’ll be writing everyday, just to form a new habit.

Anyway, will sleep now. More writing tomorrow!


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