Work Boredom

I’m really getting bored with work. I go in, read emails, do reports, hangout with officemates, go on my yosi break, do more reports, answer more emails, have my lunch break, yosi after lunch, more reports, more emails, reports, emails, reports, emails…

Well, you basically get what I mean, right?

So there. Yeah, I’m bored.

Things are sort of slowing down, so the pressure isn’t really there anymore. I can’t believe I’m complaining that there are now less things to rant about. Things are getting boring, really.

The thing with HR is, especially in recruitment, no matter how much you make your job not boring and as dynamic as you possibly can, there will always come a time wherein admin tasks will bury you alive. After all the events and planning, comes the admin tasks that come with every move that you do. This is what bores me the most.


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