Prolonging the Magic

For more than a week now I’ve been wondering when I’d eventually succumb to the virus that’s been going around in the office. Well, today was the day.

No, scratch that. Yesterday was the day. Hahaha.

Okay, I didn’t exactly get sick because of the office virus. I got the runny nose and sore throat because I spent most of yesterday either drenched with sweat, or rain, or the icky water from Rio Grande Rapids. Yep, you guessed right. I spent yesterday at Enchanted Kingdom. The weather was really, really bad, thus, the sickness. :s

EK was great. It was more fun than the last time I went there, definitely. The rides were still all the same, but it felt really good laughing and enjoying the little shallow things like winning hundreds of tickets at the arcade and getting clips and pens in exchange, and running around all wet from the rain.

And yes, indeed, the magic stayed with me. Sorry, cheesy as it may sound, it felt very refreshing not having to think about very adult problems for a while. It felt good only having to worry about what to eat next and which rides to ride next.

I miss being a kid. I miss not thinking of adult problems, and I miss having the perfect excuse for everything, because I was a kid.


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