Shoe Addiction

I love shoes. I’m sure a lot of other girls share the same sentiments as I do. Shoes are my happy pill, and the perfect item for me to buy when I need to go emotional shopping. What is emotional shopping? Well, I’ll explain later.

I know I’ve accumulated a lot of shoes, especially since I started working. See, I used to work in a mall, and now I work in front of a mall. It’s very conducive to the emotional shopping that I’m very, very prone to doing. However, I only realized now how many shoes I actually, really have. No, I did not count, but see for yourself —

Now, that’s a lot of shoes. πŸ™‚ Granted, all the shoes that you see there are both mine and my sister’s, that’s definitely still a lot more than the 25 pairs an average woman would most likely have.

Most of my footwear purchases are emotional buys — things that I bought because I needed to cheer myself up. There came a point wherein I bought two pairs of shoes in my first hour of work, just because I was depressed. I also used to spend my lunch breaks walking around the mall, looking for things to buy. Buying stuff gave me a rush; It make me feel like a better person, knowing I had something no one else had. Obviously, there’s no logic behind that, thus, the reason why its called emotional shopping.

Why shoes? Short answer, shoes make me feel better about myself. Heels make me feel like an adult, and help me feel more professional than I really am, flats make me feel girly, gladiators and boots make me feel trendy, wedges make me feel earthy and sandals make me feel like the kaladkarin girl that I really am. Oh yeah, sneakers make me feel down to earth too. I almost forgot about them, since I rarely wear them.

Apart from that, well, I guess this will suffice —

“When I feel bad I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good… food just makes me fatter… shoes always fit. “

– In Her Shoes, 2005

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