Today (or shall I say, yesterday), marks the start of my third year at work. Whew. Time goes by really, really fast. By the standards of the company that I’m working for, I’m ancient.

This was the first photo of me that was taken when I first started working —

And this is me now; forty pounds heavier (ugh. don’t ask.), with slightly longer hair, deeper eyebags, and dryer skin. Yes, I feel like I got uglier, shallowness aside.
I guess other people would share the same sentiments, because the sedentary lifestyle of working really affected me a lot. Stress of work and of other things (lovelife! haha!) got me into stress eating and emotional shopping, and into more cigarettes a day and more alcohol at night. The eyebags and dry skin were from countless sleepless nights, trying to fit in a normal work-life balance into a work schedule that’s more than your typical 9 hours.

I could think of it that way, or, if I were to positive script, I’d say I just grew up. Gone is the innocence and the freshness that I used to have right after college. I became more worldly, more aware of how hard it is to earn the money that I was just so used to spending. To put it bluntly, I learned how much my money was worth.

Now I know a venti Starbucks Frappucino would mean half a day’s work, and bag from Mango or Zara would mean two days. Heck, even my manipedi’s worth a day of work!

This was a lesson that took two years for me to learn.

I’m looking forward to my third year at work, if only for this to be the year that I finally get to redeem myself. This means financially, physically and emotionally. I will have goals, and will work hard at attaining those goals!


One thought on “Anniversary

  1. After reading your last paragraph, I had a strong impulse to play “Eye of the Tiger”. HAHA. But seriously, i agree about “growing up”, but i also think we remain immature in a lot of ways (like, ignoring how bad smoking really is, sleeping less than 6-7 hours just to facebook/go out).

    So, the best scenario would be to “grow up” (i.e. be more disciplined/take responsibility), but keep the best stuff about immaturity (i.e. being spontaneous every now and then)

    At the risk of sounding like a self-help book, Keep moving forward!

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