30 day meme, Day One.

Out of boredom, and because I’d like to (finally) write about something else apart from how depressingly repetitive life has been recently, I’m doing this.

Day One – Your current relationship, if single, discuss how single life is.

According to Facebook, I am single. No wait, I remembered, I disabled the relationship status option there.

Inasmuch as I’d like to say I’m in a relationship, I’m not. I’d like to say its a pseudo-relationship, but then again, going by the technicalities, its not. So I’m single, put it bluntly. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, being single and 24. I feel like I’m walking around with a big sign on my forehead that says “lonely.” Pressure is everywhere, and honestly, I’m starting to think that I may just end up alone for the rest of my life.

Knowing me, I might just end up doing that just to spite everyone. You know, really not getting married. It’ll be like a big “fuck you” sign to the whole world to lay off all single girls.


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