Moving On

This is me making the conscious decision to move on.

I know I’ve said this countless times. Its getting humiliating how each time I’d say it, I end up regressing and going back to him. But I cannot stress right now how much I’d like to get it over with and get back to how I used to be before I even knew he existed.

But how to move on?

I wish there was a manual, like a guide of what to do to get over someone. But then that would be stupid of me even consider that there was one. This is something I have to get through by myself, my own way.

First step on my list is to reconnect with my friends. As what Kat told me, they didn’t disappear; it was me who was not able to give them proper attention because I was preoccupied. So there, I will try to do this properly.

Friends, I need your help. 🙂 He’s moved on already, I know. I can’t be left here still wishing that we’d go back to how we used to be. I need to move on. Help me do this for myself.


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