On Giving Back

Almost a month after the whole Biggest Loser stint, and I can say that I’m sort of back to my old life. The hype has almost died down (well, for me at least) and the people around me are back to their usual normal busy selves.

And now, being alone in this particular Starbucks branch, watching Coach Jim with his Milo Running Clinic students while writing, I am left thinking… so how do I continue with this fitness stint? How do I make sure I get to make sure I live up to people’s expectations of my life outside the BL camp?

Admittedly, being in a weight loss related reality show is not easy. Aside from the physical, emotional and mental hardships, one thing that I had to go through was being judged by the people that get to watch us on television. Being “fitness advocates,” (I still can’t get used to the phrase,) people keep an eye on what we do and what we eat most especially. You can’t believe how many times I’ve felt like I’ve had to explain to people why I eat, and that WE’RE ALLOWED TO EAT.

But more than anything else, more than being a fitness advocate, I’d like to be someone who speaks up in behalf of all the obese and overweight people in the Philippines. Despite all the comments of people, it still warms my heart reading messages from people with the same problem as I do. All along I thought I was alone in this boat. Apparently not. And now that I’m in the position to… I don’t know, whatever position this is, well, I feel like I need to speak up about how big girls can be beautiful and fabulous too. And being fat doesn’t mean we’re slobs. We’re people too, and we just like to eat. 🙂

And so Joy and I will be doing something in the near future. Watch out for it. 🙂


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