From Singapura with Love

I have this running joke with my friends that the only way they could get me to go with them on any trip was to kidnap me. Not that I don’t like to travel because I really, really do, but my schedule is always very hectic that I can’t find the heart to book myself a trip. So anyway, a month before I went into the Biggest Loser camp, my friends booked me a flight to Singapore with them.

Of course I sort of forgot about it, with all the hoopla I was in from June until October. One day I just woke up and remembered that I had a trip to Singapore soon. What made it worse was literally a couple of days before the trip, I was still in the hospital because of dengue. Stress.

Long story short, I was still able to go and had so much fun with friends!

28 October 2011 The Esplanade
Leigh, Jho, Vany – Blockmates who found each other in SG on the same weekend 🙂
29 October 2011 Marina Bay Sands
With Allan, travel buddy
for the weekend
29 October 2011 Clark Quay Halloween
Allan, Jho, Captain Jack Sparrow, Gambit and me
30 October 2011 Universal Studios Singapore

Traveling is a whole new experience for me now. No more panting and complaining (at least not much) about the amount of walking that I have to do. Commuting is a lot easier, and climbing up stairs is now a piece of cake. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed the experience now of being able to immerse myself in the city more since I can do so many things better. Plus, shopping is more fun, now that I don’t have to deal with rude sales people who insist that I don’t know my size. Hahaha. Well, that’s another story.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to my next trip. My BL friends and I are thinking of going to Boracay and/or Palawan sometime soon. Cross your fingers, let’s all hope it pushes through!


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