Nourishing the Soul :)

So, its been a while since I last posted. Sorry. 😦 The last few weeks have been very chaotic and I feel like I’ve gone everywhere. Just today for example – I started the day off in Cubao, then went to Divisoria for 2 hours, Makati for something, then I went to Pasig to visit my sister in the hospital. Recently my days have been that hectic, that the thing that I want most now is just a day in bed.

Truth be told, happy thoughts are hard to come by when you’re just so damn tired. And stressed. And confused. Its not just the tiredness that’s getting to me, but the chaos of it all too. Seems like nothing is going according to plan, and nothing is going smoothly. The easiest thing for me to do now is to be catty, harsh and sarcastic, even when I don’t want to. I’m so caught up in the thought of earning more and more money for the things that I need to spend for, that I actually forgot that its December, and that Christmas is just 16 days away.

Yes, and see, I haven’t even thought of what presents I’m going to give away this year. That’s how stressed I’ve been. But then a couple days ago I got a reminder to not be selfish, especially this season.

Derek Ramsay’s birthday build with Habitat for Humanity
6 December 2011, Navotas
National Bookstore’s Project Aklat

First, Derek invited us BL contestants to his Habitat for Humanity birthday build in Navotas. The next day, I went into National Bookstore and got offered the opportunity of donating books to less fortunate children, which of course, I did. I donated the book entitled “Imbisibol Man ang Tatay,” which was the story of a little kid whose dad was an OFW. How sad and touching, right? This cause was particularly special to me because as a kid, reading gave me so much entertainment and has taught me so much — from conversational English to life lessons. I’d like other children to have the same opportunity too.

I miss being this kind of person — someone who is a person for others. This is a very Atenean trait, I’d like to believe. No matter how much time you spend feeding your physical self with money and other things, your soul will still need some nourishment.

For more info about these two causes, check out these links:
Habitat for Humanity Philippines
National Bookstore’s Project Aklat


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