Observations and Rhetorical Questions

I find it peculiar how women throughout civilization have worked so hard to be treated as equal to men, as truly independent, but have to revert back to their old clingy and dependent ways just so the men would feel needed and therefore treat them as “womanly.” (Wow, run-on sentence. Pardon the grammatical error, I’m just really uhm… emotional about this now.)

Are men threatened by strong women? If so, does that mean that the woman has to pretend to be weak and clingy just so the men would feel needed, therefore becoming an ego boost for them?

If you’re reading this, there’s a big chance you won’t agree with me, but hey, that’s how I see things.

And yeah, how does a girl differentiate when a guy is just being nice or being pa-fall? Most stories I hear, the heartbroken girl blames the guy for being pa-fall, while the guy claims he was just being nice. Can someone please point to me where this invisible line is, because I hate the fact that I’m turning 26 this year and yet I’m still getting lost.

Anyway, I’ll write more about this soon. For now, I shall sleep. Good night world!


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