Journals and Journal Entries (part 1)

Journals. I’ve had them since 5th grade, and I have no plans of stopping.

This afternoon I unearthed one of my journals inside camp. In the spirit of honesty, I’m gonna admit and say that I had two journals there — one with all the workouts and the wholesome stuff, and one with the things I couldn’t say out loud.

This was one of my entries in the wholesome journal. I’m glad to know it was still me writing, as it was already my 47th day inside camp when I wrote this.

July 27, 2011, Wednesday
BL Day 47

Very, very lazy day today. Been raining hard since yesterday. Went for a rainy afternoon powerwalk with Ryan. Yun lang workout ko. Haha. Had Coach Ching in the evening.Β 

Temptation today too. Ate 2 small bowls of lugaw and 2 small bowls of champorado so that I could be with Francis for the last chance workout. No regrets, the food was very, very yummy! And this week, I promised myself I’d enjoy everything. Go with the flow. Back to the old Leigh. This might be my last week here so might as well enjoy, right?Β 

Weird. I’m probably the only person here that doesn’t want to bring this til the end. I’m cringing at how much pressure I’d have to endure just to get to that level. I don’t think I’m cut out for it. I do have moments wherein I think I want to bring this til the end. I think I now can, especially that my body’s cooperating with me in terms of weight loss. The thing is, do I want it? See, that’s why my mentality now is just to enjoy every second, minute and hour that I am here.

Quoting from Rent —

There’s only us, there’s only this
Forget regret, or life is yours to miss
No other hope, no other way
No day but today.Β 

Funny that I already had a feeling that this would be my last week inside camp. πŸ™‚ After this week was a whirlwind of activities, of things to talk about, of bonding and bashing moments, of crazy imma-beat-the-shit out of that person anger, of kilig moments and stories, and definitely of tons and tons of laughter (care of Joy, Destiny, Win and I, of course.)

Let’s see. I might post some other entries soon. πŸ™‚


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