Not Like the Movies

Today I had one my cheesiest days ever. It involved good company, perfect weather, and a very poetic location. All of a sudden, I found myself barefoot on a little patch of grass in Luneta, facing direction where the wind was coming from, feeling the wind on my face. I look to my left and there he was too, doing the same thing.

I bought bubbles, he bought a kite. We were trying (to no avail) to fly that Dora the Explorer kite, which we eventually left to the kids there to play with. It felt like a movie, really; like it was too good to be true, which of course, it was.

If only everyday was like that — sunny, windy, playful and happy. But no, tomorrow I return to the grey and cold world of the employed; back to the excel sheets that I’ve been slaving for, to the phone calls that have to be made, to the reports that have to be submitted.

In the same way, I go back to the world where you and I are just.. that. Mere acquaintances that talk a lot. When we parted ways tonight, the world that we have created for ourselves today also ended, to be replaced by the old, very detached us. Sometimes I wonder which is real, because we play our parts very well, both when we’re together and when we’re not.


One thought on “Not Like the Movies

  1. So this is your project! Although my first reaction was 'whuuuut?!', I'm happy for you. Only a few people can say they've done something so carefree and spontaneous. 😀

    and i really like how you wrote the last paragraph.

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