Midterms, schmidterms.

Hello world! Surpriiiiseeee! I’m still alive. πŸ™‚ Taking a break from studying for my Legal History midterms just to tell you that. Well, yeah. There.

I’ve been in law school for a little over two months now (two months and 6 days to be precise) and I’m sort of getting the hang of it. Now that everything’s been taken care of in my past life, I can finally concentrate on my studies. Seriously, I have a newfound respect for working students now. It definitely isn’t easy. :s

Between reading cases which more often than not just much ado about nothing, and trying to memorize provisions of the Revised Penal Code (READ: TRYING), my blockmates entertain the hell out of me. Seriously, they’re crazy. They get me laughing my pants off most of the time.
Anyway there really isn’t any point to this entry (haven’t you figured that out yet?), so I’m going to go back to studying now. Hopefully next time I’ll have something more worthy to write about. (God, I hope law school hasn’t made me boring yet!)

And oh, by the way, I’m writing this through the mobile blogger app. I figured I’d get to update more often with this. Let’s see. πŸ™‚

UP Law Block E 2016

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