Twenty Six.

I am obsessed with lists. I initially had a list of “Twenty six things to do on the twenty six days before my 26th birthday on September 26,” but busyness (is that even a word?) got ahead of me. I barely got to do the stuff in there. But anyway, thanks to my blockmates for this crazy list —

* Eat nothing but ice cream for the whole day.
* Re-enact the Philadelphia Art Museum scene in Rocky at the AS Steps
* Recite using the Bane voice.
* Commute without using her car for a day.
* Eat at the Shopping Center Coop.
* Smoke Fortune Reds.
* Wag tumanggi pag may magpapalibre.
* Dress up in a frilly dress, with matching high heels and stuff.
* Make the first move.
* Propose to someone in public.
* Cross-dress for a day.
* Feed three streetchildren/homeless persons. It doesn’t count unless it makes them smile.
* Hawakan sa tenga si DanGat
* Try Jackie’s famous vanilla sundae with gravy
* Maka-uno sa recit ni Dan Gat (at least, I think that was an uno recit. *crosses fingers*)
* Drink habang nakatambay sa Sunken Garden habang pinapanood ang mga taong nagfufootball or nagfifrisbee.(Scratched off half because I didn’t have drinks with me.)
* Magtanong sa upperclassman kung ano ibig sabihin ng TBA.
* Attend Adhoc tapos mahiga ka sa sahig ng banyo at magpa-tapak ka kay Jackie
* Kiss 26 people on the cheek just because J
* Pumasok ng lasing.. Uminom sa Sunken Garden.
* Uminom sa Sarah’s.Β 
* Lakarin yung Acad Oval.
* Apiran si Zorro.
* Catch a free movie sa UPFI!
* Watch a Dulaang UP play.Β 

4.5/26. Pathetic. Oh well. Gotta admit, some of them were kinda impossible. I mean, hello. “Hawakan sa tenga si DanGat.” Like I could get away alive if I ask him that. Hahaha.

But anyway,Β  today is my 26th birthday and I’m feeling a lot older. I know age is nothing but a number (haha, cliche), but I feel farther and farther from my youth and a hundred cartwheels closer to being middle aged. Another year and I’m already in my mid-20’s. That’s cause for panic, right? Right???? (Come on, agree with me!!)

A few days before today I was sort of having this crisis, about turning 26 and not having anything to say for myself. I am very far away from who I envisioned myself to be at 26. At this age, my mom was (secretly) married to my dad, and had a career she was excelling in. Other friends and batchmates are getting married and building families of their own. Heck, Clare just bought herself a house and lot! I on the other hand, am a first year law student, having taken 15 months off to join a reality show. That’s almost back to square one, if you think about it.

I would never have thought I’d turn out this way if you had asked me this in high school. But then again, this was how I chose to live my 26 years. It may have seemed like I was all over the place, trying out so many things and exploring different facets of my personality, but I don’t regret it. At the end of the day, these are the things I’ll remember. The seemingly mundane, crazy and off beat things that I’ve done will make me the cool mommy/lola I want to be in the future. Hahaha.

So, cheers to another year of randomness. 25 was when I became a reality show personality and a law student. A year of extremes, if I may say so; definitely something worth remembering. And for that, I thank you (whoever you are who’s reading), old friends, new friends (I’ve had a lot of those the past year!), my family (including the dog), and the universe, for making things happen for me. Thank you Papa God for another year full of life, love, laughter, tears, fears, joy, excitement and adventure. Looking forward to more of those in my 26th year! πŸ™‚


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