Why I Want to be a Lawyer

First of all, hello Andy. I know you’re reading this. This entry will be boring for you because this will have nothing to do with my lovelife. Hahaha.

That being said, with all the hullabaloo going on now in the College, I am left to thinking why I believe I am worthy to remain there. After all, with all the resistance going on, the easy thing to do would be to just give up and conform to whatever the College says, even if it means agreeing to something that’s in violation of due process. (Okay, enough legal jargon. Hahaha.) But no. Just this one time I am willing to go through the dirty, messy road, just because I know this is meant for me. After all, you gotta fight for the the best things in life, right?

My whole life has been a series of missed opportunities, second chances and meant to be’s. I know that I’m meant to be where I am right now. I would have passed the LAE the first time, if I weren’t. This is my second chance, and I’m willing to fight for it.

Why? One, I’ve never fought for anything my whole life. I’ve lived a relatively sheltered life and my only “hardship,” if you could even call it that, is the 6 months I spent on television, losing weight in front of the whole Philippines. This whole law school thing is my defining moment — my mind, my body, my willpower and my spirit will be tested, and I plan to succeed.

Second, call me idealistic, but I do want to help my country and give back. No, I don’t want to be a politician. I just wanna clear that out as early as now. Seeing all the injustice around me (okay fine, on TV,)  I can’t help but feel like I need to do something about it. It takes one person to fight for you, to make you believe that you’re worth fighting for. Which is why I plan on working for the Public Attorney’s Office, eventually.

Third, even if life in law school is like hell on earth, there’s really nowhere I’d rather be.

That is why I’m fighting for this, as hard as I can. One way or another, I will get to graduate with a Sablay with that purple thing on it, to add to my existing collection.

Top, L-R: Grade School and High School CSA Graduation Pictures
Bottom, L-R: Ateneo Toga Grad Pic, Ateneo Graduation Creative Shot

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