Last of Summer

So, today is officially the last day of my summer vacation. Tomorrow, I go back to the echoing halls of Malcolm Hall, where I will learn more about the law, in a grand manner. I have mixed feelings — I am sad that I will no longer have so much time at my disposal, yet I am excited. I am excited at the thought of being a sophomore, having officially gotten over my hellish freshman year.

Oh yeah, I forgot to update you — I got back in. πŸ™‚ Yay, me! The Appeals Committee decided that the 0.03 difference was negligible enough to merit my coming back into the College. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same for the other 70+ students to appealed just like I did. Some of them are still in limbo, with pending appeals to whoever has jurisdiction over their cases, and some just opted not to go back at all anymore. Sad to say, I have a few friends in both lists.

My takeaway from this whole part of my summer vacation? Trust in God, and hope in the gods. Trust God, with a capital G, and hope that the gods of Malcolm (aka the professors and the dean) listen to their hearts and treat the students with humanity.

Anyway, this being my last entry for the summer (and most likely in a long, loooong time), I shall go back and check my summer checklist!

Beach, get a tan!Β 
Aside from the Boracay trip, I also went to Subic with my friends from the show. Unfortunately, because of the lack of beach trips this summer (wala na akong makaladkad, plus, wala na akong pera! hahaha!), I am back to my pasty-white complexion. 😦

The Subic trip meant going to Pampanga to visit the Razons. We spent the whole weekend with the house to ourselves, just acting like we were inside the Biggest Loser Camp again. Hahaha. Well, with more food and less exercise. πŸ™‚

Ryan, Raffy, Haze and me

Labor Day was also spent lounging at the pool area of Dusit with my high school barkada. πŸ™‚ Β I honestly don’t spend enough time with them!

Diet! Workout!
You’ve probably read about my mastercleanse thing here. Well, I lost 4lbs in the three days that I did it. Good enough, for a cleansing thing. I haven’t gained it back since then, which is a good thing, considering I haven’t been exactly disciplined with my food. Hahaha. πŸ™‚

I’ve also done workouts with different groups of people — from Metafit, to T90, and of course, the Milo APEX Running School. I’m far from my goal, but at least I got to sweat just like I used to do. Oh, I’ve also tried out Insanity, which was totally INSANE!

MOVE T90 Fitness Camp
Β MWF 7-9pm, Track 30th, Bonifacio High Street

Metafit Fitness Boot Camp

Angara ng Kabataang Pinoy

I am happy to say that Sonny Angara, is now Senator-elect Edgardo “Sonny” Angara! I really hope he does everything that he has promised. πŸ™‚
Get rid of old clothes. Free up closet space.Β 
Well, I’m not entirely done with this. Separation anxiety with my clothes, seriously. 😦 Plus, I’m getting really sad that apparently, I have a lot of clothes missing. Huhuhu.Β 
Get a part time job thing.
..which I already have, and am trying to finish frantically before class officially starts.

Go partying again!Β 
Unfortunately, I have not gone partying at all. I still have not gone to URBN, or Hyve, or whatever new club there is in Fort, and have not gone tugs-tugs the whooole summer. (I feel so uncool now. Hahaha.) Even if I have gone out drinking with my friends, I dunno if that counts as partying. :s

Read new books. Download and watch new movies.Β 
I totally suck for not reading new books. I still haven’t finished Illustrado and JPE’s Memoir.
However, I have downloaded quite a few movies and have watched them. I’m currently downloading “Paper Chase,” which is an old movie from the 70s. I’m not exactly sure what its about, but since professors loooove quoting from the movie, well, I figured, I should at least watch the movie to get motivated!

Be cultured again!
Hmm. Aside from “Sa Wakas,” I haven’t really done anything remotely cultured. I was planning on going to the Mind Museum, but then being the only person I know in the vicinity who is on summer vacation, well, I really didn’t have anyone to drag alone. So lonely. 😦 I was also supposed to get tickets to “Dirty Dancing,” but they cancelled their Manila leg.

Got new blonde highlights, and a haircut that I don’t really like that much. :s I wish they had left the length of my hair as it was.

Thank you, Azta Urban Salon Katipunan

There you go. πŸ™‚ Not bad, right? I wish I could’ve done more though. Like, clean my room, and start a new sport or something. I wish I had gone on more trips too!

Anyway, I guess this is goodbye for now. I really don’t know when I’ll have time to write again, or when I’ll have something worthy enough of a blog entry to write about. You know how it is, Malcolm Hall is a black hole.


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