Leigh’s 4 Month Summer Bucket List!

As you all know, this year the UP Administration approved the proposed academic shift for all UP campuses. This means that yes, I have a 4 month summer vacation, with next year’s school year starting in August. I’m going into my 3rd week of bumness, and I think I’ve had enough of hibernating. Lately I’ve only been sleeping, eating, watching Game of Thrones and playing QuizUp, and I’m kinda getting tired of it. (I might regret this statement once school starts again. Hahaha.)

If you know me, you would know I like lists. I’ve actually been putting this off for quite some time because this bucket list is all dependent on whether I get to return to the law school or not (more on this in another post.) But, because I’m bored and impatient, I’m making this bucket list (just like last summer!) to fill my next 13 weeks and make sure that this indeed will be a summer to remember!

1. Earn money, find more rakets! –  I already have one now, but I think I’m gonna need more if I wanna be able to do all the things I’ve listed down here 🙂 (That’s also why it’s #1. Hahaha.)

2. Fitness! Go to the gym again! – So far I’ve enrolled in Gold’s Gym, and I’ll probably be going there with Joy, my friend from BL Season 1. Just like old times. 🙂

3. Go to the Dermatologist

4. Go to the OB – I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which means that I have little cysts in my ovary (You kinda got that from the name, didn’t you? Hahaha.) I just have to go to the doctor to get medication, which, I’ve been putting off for the looooongest time.

5. Get a new look! – Oohh this is partially done because I now have full bangs, thanks to Azta Urban Salon!

ImageI was actually planning on getting a digital perm but since my hair still had highlights from last summer (which are now on the last three inches of my hair), my hair would end up dry and damaged if I pushed it. So I had bangs instead. Hahaha.

I had them spot-relax it though, because my hair tends to get curly (Jose Rizal curls huhuhu) when humid. Spot relaxing is when they literally relax a part of your hair, so it’s perfect for those who want straight bangs but have naturally curly hair, like me! As far as I know, only Azta has this service, and it costs around P700. 🙂

6. Go Ice Skating! – This was a childhood hobby of mine that I no longer had time to do after college. Let’s see if I can still skate. 🙂

7. Learn a new sport!

8. Climb a mountain! – I’ve never been the adventurous type, and I really don’t do well with forests and stuff. I just wanna try it to see what the buzz is all about. (And maybe sing Climb Every Mountain from the Sound of Music while I’m at it. Haha.)

9. Laboracay! – Okay I really feel too old for this, but what the heck. YOLO. Hahaha.

10. South Korea! – Getting excited planning my outfits for this trip!

11. Swim every chance possible, and get a tan!

12. Read at least two books a month – I’m currently reading my first Murakami book, Norwegian Wood, but I haven’t gotten to even half of it because of Game of Thrones 😦

13. Be cultured again — musicals, plays, museums! Rak of Aegis is about to be shown again and also Priscilla Queen of the Desert 🙂

14. Arrange a Manila tour for me and my friends! Something like.. National Museum, Intramuros and Binondo? Let me know if you wanna come with!

15. Be really OC with my things – Clean my closet, clean out my laptop… you get the point.

There you go. And oh yeah, I promise to write more often. 🙂


16. Visit friends in Cebu – This might actually come true, being as Air Asia has their 1 peso fare promo right now. 🙂 Go book your own flight too! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Leigh’s 4 Month Summer Bucket List!

  1. Wow this is nice I’ll make one also!

    …in my head…

    But Im game to climb a mountain with you, go ice skating, swim every chance we get and to go on a tour of Manila! Because we are clingy #LikeALoveSongBaby

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