Winter in Shanghai! (Day 0)


My family and I went to Shanghai last Christmas Break as a yearly tradition because we only have time during that period after Christmas and before Β New Year to take a break from school and work. This year we decided to go to Shanghai, just because I was able to score roundtrip tickets worth Php 5,000.00 each, through AirAsia. It wasn’t our first choice, but how can you resist tickets that cheap, right?

Anyway, my sister booked us at the Riverview Hotel on the Bund through Agoda. The hotel was great — good location, amazing room, yummy buffet breakfast. It was just a short leisurely walk from the Bund, and the walk didn’t even feel that tedious because of the great views all around. Behind the hotel were clothing stores and convenience stores, so you can buy essentials at any time of the day.

What we liked best was the room itself. My dad, my sister and I usually just share a room when we travel. We have an extra bed brought in most of the time, and we have experienced rooms that get very cramped when the extra bed is brought in. Our room in this hotel was HUUUUGE. It was so big that we could’ve added two extra beds and we would still have space to walk around. The restroom was also big, with a bath tub separate from the shower and a counter for the sink and toiletries. Perhaps the only thing we didn’t like about the room was the lighting. Because my dad has eye problems, the room was a bit dark for him. It was also a bit hard to control the temperature of the water in the shower, which was very, very important because we were there in the winter, and the water got really cold.

The buffet breakfast was also satisfactory. This is always my favorite part of the hotel experience, so I really made sure that I enjoyed it in this hotel. They had an okay selection of food and drinks, but because we were in China, a big part of the buffet was made up of noodles. (I don’t like noodles, huhuhu.) They had the requisite bacon, sausages, dried fish, rice, and eggs though, so I was able to get my fill of my favorite breakfast food. It was just a bit of a struggle to explain to them how I wanted my eggs cooked because of the language barrier.

Because we were with our dad who is 68 years old, travelling has to be hassle free, so instead of the normal tour, we got ourselves a private tour around Shanghai and the neighboring areas. My sister got in touch with Shanghai Private Tours, which was well worth it! We got a driver, a tour guide and a minivan all to ourselves, while going around the city. The tour was tailor fit to our needs — we were able to spend more time in the places that we liked and our guide got to answer all our questions about the places we visited and life in Shanghai. Our guide was also very responsive to all our dad’s needs — whether it be for help looking for a restroom, or if he needed a place to rest within the tour. They also suggested other things to do/see in Shanghai after our tour ended. if only for that, sulit talaga. πŸ™‚



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