Winter in Shanghai! (Day 1)

Whenever my sister and I travel abroad, we always make it a point to find a Starbucks branch. This has always been a tradition of ours, to check how the place looks like, what food and drinks are available that aren’t available in Manila.. things like that. This was basically what we did during our first day in Shanghai. We had no tour yet, because we had booked it for the next two days. My sister and I just got out of the hotel, walked around a few kilometers of the Bund, took some pictures (okay, A LOT of pictures,) and sat down and had Starbucks for merienda. And oh, we eventually stumbled upon Nanjing Road, which is known to be a shopping area in Shanghai. 





Well, we really didn’t do much during our first day in Shanghai, only a lot of walking and following people. This was also a day to get used to the weather, because it was very, very cold! it was an average of 5 degrees centigrade for the whole day. Of course, it gets warmer during lunch time and in the afternoon, but it gets a lot colder in the evenings. If you’re like me that gets cold easily, I suggest to get good boots that have some sort of insulator, and dress warmly! The wind can get really harsh! 


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