#LeighBoracay2014 (Days 0 & 1)

This year I went to LaBoracay.

What is this? Well, it’s technically Manila’s version of a labor day weekend, wherein everyone in Manila goes to Boracay to get wasted. Sounds fun, right? (Sense my sarcasm, please.) I’m not actually a fan of this thing, but for the heck of it, I at least wanted to try it out before I say for real that I don’t like it. Before you say I’m a hater, read this for context. Hahaha. Besides, I really wanted to get out of Manila and go to the beach anyway.

So my friends and I flew on the 30th of April from a very, very, very full NAIA Terminal 4. It was so full, there were no more seats available and everyone was basically on the floor. To add insult to the injury, it was sweltering hot because the a/c could no longer handle the number of people in the terminal, and there was no more cold water available from any of the stores. 😦

Long story short, our flight was supposed to depart from Manila to Kalibo at around 3pm, but we arrived in Boracay at 10pm. We stayed at the Mayflower Hotel, which we found through Agoda. It was an okay hotel, good for its price, since we only got it for around Php 2500 per room per night. It wasn’t exceptionally great, but it wasn’t bad either — it had a pool which I liked, and it was also situated far from the main beach so it was quiet. However, the distance from the beach also made it hard to get back to the hotel, especially during drunken nights. Hahaha. There was also a bit of a shortage of sockets for charging. If we hadn’t unplugged the refrigerator and the television, there would have only been two available sockets for four people staying in the room. The breakfast wasn’t great either.

Anyway, we had a well deserved dinner at Pamana, and a few drinks after at Bombom’s later that night. This was the last day that I was this pale. Haha. 🙂



The next day was spent mainly by lounging on the beach and doing activities! If you know me, you’d probably know that I don’t like beach activities. This time, however, I decided to try something knew. After all, it was LaBoracay, might as well. Hahaha. Oh, but before we did the activities, we got a 15 minute massage, thanks to Nestea! We bought a 1L Nestea tumbler for P60, and we got the massage for free. 🙂


Anyway, we got a package for P800 for an ATV ride up Mt. Luho, a Zorb ride and Paraw Sailing.






We were supposed to do the Paraw Sailing on another day, but ended up not being able to do it because of unforeseen events. More on that next time. Anyway, I totally enjoyed these activities! The ATV was fun; a bit hard a first because I was getting so scared of the machine breaking down on me. The Zorb was my favorite. I was super scared at first because the hill was steep and it was a bit claustrophobic inside the zorb itself, but it was super fun rolling and bouncing down that hill! 🙂

The evening was spent walking around the beach. First was the White House party, but there were too many people passed out on the beach already, so we just had dinner at Maya. We drank for a bit at Two Seasons afterwards, then more drinks at this bar whose name I’m forgetting now, and then finally at Summer Place with some of the brods and sisters from my sorority.


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