#LeighBoracay2014 (Days 2 & 3)

LaBoracay would not be LaBoracay without the parties. Unfortunately, being the lola that I am, I barely went to any. Hahahaha. At 27 years old, I can officially say that I’m done with getting drunk and passed out wherever and doing crazy drunk things. ImageDon’t get me wrong, of course this does not mean that I didn’t drink. I had my share of alcohol; I just didn’t get drunk and pass out like about half of the people who when there that weekend. I mostly just met up with old friends and worked on my tan. 

This leads me to what I did on our second day — my friends and I just enjoyed the beach and swam in the morning, and I went with some of my sorority batchmates and Archon to Puka Beach in the afternoon. 



I’ve been to Boracay 7 times, and I’ve never been to the other side of the white beach. Weird, I know. Most people usually do this on their 1st or 2nd visit to the island. Puka Beach did not disappoint though. I loved how quiet it was and how survivor-esque it felt. I just felt a bit bad for the peddlers there because they basically had no place to hide from the sun. 




That evening, all of my friends went out to drink and I stayed in the hotel to rest. Yes, I am lola like that. Hahaha. In my defense, I was sick the day we left for Boracay, and I woke up that morning not being able to swallow properly because of swollen tonsils. I figured I had to rest to not get too sick the next day. 

Anyway, the next day was the same — more lounging on the beach, and me getting a really bad sunburn. (It was so bad, I’m still peeling up until now, 16 days after we got back. Hahaha.) I got to drink more and party, finally. We saw a lot of CSA friends at White House that night, so we ended up dancing and partying with them. No more sleep on our last day too. Our flight from Kalibo as at 8:30 am, so we had to leave Boracay at 4am just to get to Kalibo in time. 



My verdict on LaBoracay? It was fun. I had a lot of fun with the activities, I enjoyed the beach a lot, and it was amazing seeing old friends. I saw my highschool and college blockmates, old TELUS officemates, not to mention UP Law blockmates and sorority sisters. 

The partying scene was just too much for me though. As I said, I don’t think I’m still cut out for the i’m-gonna-get-wasted kind of partying. I got bothered with the number of passed out bodies on the beach from late in the afternoon until early morning and with the douche-y conversations of guys just looking to bang girls. (Yes, there really were conversations like these. Ugh.) I hated that it was so hard to look for food because the restaurants were all full, so we had to eat at expensive places. (Bad for the budget! And I wanted to eat at Andok’s so much. Huhuhu.) I don’t even wanna get started with my observations on the kinds of people that enjoy this weekend. Hahaha.

Well, at least I got to go to LaBoracay once in my life. Boracay will still be one my favorite islands, but the next time I go there will definitely be on a different weekend. :))


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