Seoul Searching Diaries: Getting Lost in Namsan Mountan and Han River Biking

Long overdue post, I blame my internship. Hahaha. πŸ™‚

Anyway, yes, we got lost in Namsan Mountain.


After going to DMZ, we decided to go to N Seoul Tower to have dinner there. We got directions from some website, so that we could ride that diagonal elevator up to where the cable cars were. This wasn’t because we particularly wanted to ride the diagonal elevator or the cable cars, but more because we were both dead tired and we wanted an activity that’s not as tiring and without much walking.


Whatever you do, do not go here on a weekend. SERIOUSLY. 😦 It took us almost 2 hours to get into the Cable Car, and there were too many people in the Tower area itself. The observation deck had a long line in the entrance, so we just chose go to an expensive restaurant and have dinner.

We got a package that would allow us VIP entrance into the observation deck and a buffet dinner at Hancook, a Korean restaurant a floor below the observation deck, worth KRW 45,000 (PhP 1,898.04.) Honestly, it was well worth it just to get away from the crowds and have peace and quiet while enjoying the 360 degree view of Seoul. We also no longer had to fall in line anywhere with our tickets. πŸ™‚

I’ll talk about Hancook in another post, but suffice it to say, their Bulgogi was the best I’ve tasted so far. I’m literally salivating as I’m typing this up. Hahahaha.


The observation deck was fun, despite the crowd. You can even but postcards to send home, which of course, we did. Hahaha.


To tell you honestly, the place seems more apt for couples than for families and friends. They have their own version of that bridge in Paris that recently collapsed, where couples would put locks symbolizing their love or something like that. There were also these couple chairs which of course, only couples sat on.



Remember I told you earlier that we got lost? Well, we got lost going down the mountain. N Seoul Tower closes at 11pm, and because we wanted to stay away from the crowd, we stayed for a bit longer and waited until the crowd was gone. Turns out it was a bad move, since we didn’t know the way out of the place and the Cable Car had already closed.

Long story short, we ended up walking, no, HIKING, Β for three hours — from the mountain all the way to our hostel in Dongdaemun. We got home at about 3 in the morning. 😦

The next day, after doing touristy stuff, we went biking along the Hangang River! Apparently, this is big thing in Seoul, and people would actually spend their weekends in parks by the river, doing these kinds of stuff. We went to Ttukseom River Resort, which was quite far actually. Bike rentals here cost KRW 3,000 (PhP 127.00) for an hour, and you have to leave a valid ID with them.







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