Seoul Searching Diaries: KOREAN FOOD!!!

This entry will contain a shit load of photos, just because I cannot for the life of me describe the food that we ate in Seoul. All I know is that I enjoyed all of them! :)) Allan and I went on an all-Korean diet while we were there, so we got to taste perhaps a good representative demographic (that sounds so serious!) of Korean food. We did fast food, street food, junk food, the grilled meat that I totally loved, and buffet.

Fast food: Lotteria

The first meal of the day was at a random Lotteria branch inside a mall whose name I could no longer remember. We split a Bulgogi burger and some chicken strips. Some actually say that the Korean Mcdonalds’ version of the Bulgogi burger is better, but I didn’t mind. I was there for the experience anyway.

Oh, no food photos for this one. We were too hungry! Hahaha. πŸ™‚

Coffee: CoffeeSmith at Itaewon


Apparently, coffee is a big thing in Korea. Being the Starbucks-loving people that we are, we had to experience this coffee culture that they had. We spent our first night at Itaewon, hanging out at CoffeeSmith, just like how we would if we were back in Manila.

Street Food: Sausage something and sparkling lemonade/orange juice

Before going home on our first night, we passed by the night market at Dongdaemun and got us these phallic looking deep fried sausages wrapped in what looks to be potato pancakes. If you knew me, you’d know that I’m a big sausage fan (and that didn’t sound good at all hahaha) and I would eat anything remotely related to sausages. Hahaha. So there, I just had to stop and get myself some of these for late dinner. These cost about KRW 3,000 (PhP 127.00) which for me is a bit too expensive for street food. I liked it enough, being the sausage fan that I am, but these can get really oily. Expect oil to be running down your hand while eating it, and the potato pancake has the tendency to unravel while eating so expect it to be extra messy.

What I absolutely loved though, was the lemonade/orange juice that we kept buyingΒ from the old lady near Insadong. Allan and I passed by her stall twice, on different days, and we ended up buying from her on both days. She gets fresh lemonade/oranges, mixes them with Sprite and something else (I didn’t take note what it was) and voila! Instant fresh sparkling lemonade/orange juice! Perfect for strolling down the streets of Insadong!

Korean Buffet: HanCook at N Seoul Tower

Our 2nd day was so busy, we forgot to eat! Yes, this was how we justified eating at the Korean Buffet Restaurant on top of the N Seoul Tower. I had previously written about this, so here are the photos! πŸ™‚

We each had to order one main dish, and then all the other food was served buffet style. This meant unlimited kimchi, japchae and a lot of other dishes! Heck, even the ice cream was unlimited. And the beer too! As this was on top of the N Seoul Tower, we had a view of Seoul at night while eating. πŸ™‚


Junk Food: Ministop Haul!

Nothing particularly notable about this, actually. We were at Ttukseom River Resort which was by the river, and we wanted to have some merienda before biking. We got us some chips, a generic Barbecue burger and canned milk tea for Allan and pizza bread and soda for me.


My most favorite meal in Seoul was the one we had here —

This was actually just a few blocks from where we were staying, near the exits of the Dongdaemun station.This street had restaurants like these all throughout, but we chose this one because they had the yummiest looking photos posted outside. (We couldn’t understand what was written, so we had to rely on the pictures. Hahaha.) We definitely weren’t disappointed.

The owner was a very happy man (yes, he was just that — happy) who entertained me while I was alone by talking to me about beef and pork and stuff, in Korean/broken English/sign language. Once the food was cooked, he waited until I took my first bite to see I was satisfied, before he went on and did whatever it was restaurant owners did on a busy night. πŸ™‚

IMG_2677 IMG_2718

There you go! Okay, now, I’m hungry. 😦


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