What’s Inside My Make Up Kit

I am 27 years old and I have a love-hate relationship with make up. Most days you would see me barefaced, with not even a drop of moisturizer on, and yet on some days I would be fully made up. My make up used to contain stuff that were sent home from the States — purple eyeshadow, drugstore mascara, foundation that doesn’t really match any of our skintones, and other stuff that got stuck in the ref (thanks, mom!) because no one would use them. Before this “intervention,” so to speak, I had been using the same powder for 5 years. (Ok sorry na. Sayang kasi itapon, hindi pa ubos! Hahaha.) 

Well, you get the picture, right? At 27, finally, I’ve learned to invest in proper skin care and the proper make up for my age. I figured, if I wanted to become a lawyer, I better look the part. After all, first impressions last.

First off, I’d like to thank my friends, especially Marz, Virlynn, Tina, Didi and Don for the patience in getting me to appreciate these things. They’re my go to people whenever I’d need info on these stuff. 🙂

What have I learned so far? Take a look at my everyday make up kit:

After applying moisturizer, I put on Nature Republic’s CC cream, which I got from Virlynn. I’ve found that it really evens out my skin tone and makes me look less pale than I usually am. Then I put on Benefit’s Porefessional — this I truly, truly love! I have really big pores on my T zone (huhuhu puberty) and this makes my skin look flawless!

Photo 8-5-14, 8 14 36 PM

Next I fix my eyebrows. This is a must because my eyebrows are really sparse and I tend to look washed out without them. This I have yet to perfect; right now I’m more into just darkening it and filling out the gaps. Hahaha. For this I use the Nichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Coffee/Black01.  I blend the colors together because I’m not quite sure what my real hair color is, and they have to match, right?

Photo 8-5-14, 8 16 11 PM


For concealer, I had recently just bought the Mac Mineralize Concealer in NW25 which is by far the best I’ve ever tried. It’s perfect for the dark circles under my eyes from the countless days I spent not having enough sleep. 🙂 I also use the Mac Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation in NC30. I like both of these products because they’re very light. My face doesn’t feel cake-y in the middle of the day which is important because my skin tends to get really oily in the middle of the day.

Photo 8-5-14, 8 17 07 PMI line my eyes with Sephora’s Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner in Glitter Black. For cheeks I usually use Etude House’s Dear Darling Tint #02, which I got in Korea. I’ve never really been a fan of putting blush, so I still prefer putting on cheek tints. When I have to, I use Wet and Wild’s Illuminating Powder #345 in Catwalk Pink. I don’t use this much though, and I don’t remember why I even bought it. Hahaha. 🙂

Photo 8-5-14, 8 27 47 PM Photo 8-5-14, 8 28 43 PM


My make up regimen may not be too creative, but I play it around with my the lipstick colors I wear. This is one thing I got from my mom, I guess. She’s the type that would not leave the house without wearing very dark lipstick.

I choose my lipstick depending on my mood; pinks if I’m feeling very girly, the darker wine colors when I’m feeling powerful and all alpha female, red if i’m going out on a night out and nude when I feel like I need to tone it down a bit. Oh and I also have my go to color for normal days when everything is a bit blah. 🙂

My current favorite is Revlon Wine Not 010. I’ve been getting compliments all over because of it. 🙂

Photo 8-5-14, 8 23 36 PM


(L-R: Avon N202 Deep Orchid, Maybelline Watershine Pure B24, Mac Satin Twig, Revlon Matte Wine Not 010, Mac Matte Russian Red, Maybelline 215 Totally Toffee, and the one at the bottom, Mac Matte Please Me)

There you go. I have yet to buy good brushes and a mascara though. I was thinking of getting a nice powder brush. Any suggestions? 🙂




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