Of Sunflowers and Dreams.



When I had this photo taken over the summer, little did I know that this was going to be my first and only picture with the sunflowers of UP Diliman. You see, these sunflowers have become the symbol of graduating in UP, as they line University Avenue during March, and bloom exactly during the graduation season. If you’re a UP Diliman graduate, chances are, you have a photo with these sunflowers too.

I will not be graduating from UP with my batchmates from the College of Law. That’s a statement that should leave no more questions, in my opinion. No more maybes, no more what ifs. As of last Friday, the decision has been made for me. Today, I start moving on. 

Studying in the College of Law was one hell of a roller coaster ride. Yes, it was a collective experience of being tortured intellectually and emotionally, but I’d like to believe my UP Law journey was harder than most. It was a journey of self discovery, of tenacity and of willpower. I may not have gotten through it successfully, but I know that it was not without valuable life lessons that will get me through the next challenges I’ll be facing and in life in general. 

If anything, it has taught me what it is to really dream of something. In truth, I had never known what it was to dream before this. I was the type of person who would just settle, for lack of a better term, for what was there. Dreams for me were then just far fetched ideas that were impossible to reach so it was nonsense trying to reach them. Today I realize the value of dreaming, of having something on the horizon for you to chase. They give you focus especially during the times when you find yourself swimming through a stack of cases that need to be read. The study of law is definitely not for the complacent, and that’s probably where I made my fatal mistake. 

So now I will continue chasing my dream of becoming a lawyer. The route may just have become extra complicated, and I may have gotten myself at a wrong turn there somewhere, but I still see the destination. I’ll miss walking through the halls of Malcolm though, and I’ll definitely miss my friends. 🙂



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