Blue Coral Beach Weekend!

Being the maarte beach person that I am, I don’t normally like going to beaches in Batangas. I have always been of the opinion that the 2 to 3 hour drive isn’t worth the trouble, seeing as the beaches there are not as good as the ones in Boracay, Cebu or Bohol. The sand isn’t as fine, and the water not as blue, plus the waves get unusually big in that area of the Philippines. And yes, resorts there could get crowded, which I really, really don’t like.

However, because we had a friend who went home from the States and she wanted her son to experience the beaches in the Philippines, we trooped to Batangas especially for that. It was the most convenient place, seeing as we had kids with us who couldn’t possibly last that hours needed to travel to someplace lang Pagudpod or Baler.

We had decided to go to Blue Coral Resort in San Juan Batangas, primarily because of the facilities and the price. Because we had kids with us, it was important that the resort have a pool, because the waves could get rather big at this time of the year and they wouldn’t be able to really enjoy swimming in the ocean. Moreover, it was the cheapest from the resorts that I had inquired with.

I was honestly pleasantly surprised with the resort. You see, I had been reading reviews about it and people had nothing but bad things to say — from the blandness of the food, to the cleanliness of the rooms, to the service of their staff. Days before the trip I was beginning to think that we had made the wrong choice. I had also been emailing them, and was getting annoyed that their customer service staff took days before replying to my emails and would only reply to selected ones. Good thing I was pleasantly surprised by our stay in the resort.

Photo 9-6-14, 11 45 13 AM

Photo 9-6-14, 1 07 08 PM

Because there were 18 of us in our group, I had booked two rooms — the Suite (6 – 12 pax) and the Beachside Room (4 – 6 pax), which were right beside each other, fronting the Beach itself. This gave us more privacy, because we were basically the only ones in that area of the resort. Their deluxe rooms were all fronting the pool, so our area was basically more quiet and private. I also liked that our rooms had a very large veranda. 🙂

As expected, the sand wasn’t as fine as would be desired, but it was okay. It could get really painful while walking, especially with the heat and all, so beach shoes or slippers are necessary. I’m happy that at least the beach was clean at the time we were there. Also, the staff was very attentive to us (how could they not be, we were the only ones on the beach! haha) with them carrying as many beach chairs as we wanted to whatever spot we choose. They were also mindful in reminding us of the conditions of the water and to take care of the kids since the water may not be safe for them.

Photo 9-6-14, 2 32 51 PM

The pool area was also sufficient — there was a kiddie pool and a main pool that was divided into two. The kids definitely enjoyed that. 🙂 (Oh but I don’t have photos of the pool because the adults hung out more on the beach. Hahaha.)

I couldn’t see what the other reviews were saying about the food being bad. It wasn’t really bad per se. In fact, there were some dishes that I really liked. I think the food was just right for the price; P1450.00 for three buffet meals isn’t at all bad. I guess its a matter of expectation setting. Of course the food isn’t gonna be bongga, given the price.

All in all, I was happy with our stay. I still won’t go to Batangas during summer though, but I’ll probably go back here when I need a beach fix during the lean season. 🙂



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