What I Love About Cebu (Part 1)

Because I’m already planning my next Cebu trip even though I was just there less than a month ago, I decided to write about Cebu this time around. I figured it was so weird I wasn’t writing about it considering I’m always there.

Ever since I can remember, I have been going there at least once a year because most of my family from both maternal and paternal sides are there. Now, non-family related trips to Cebu have become more frequent as I have accumulated quite a lot friends there already. Oh, I also forgot to mention that I lived there for a month or so while training for the Biggest Loser Finale.

I guess this makes me a pseudo-Cebuana, right? Although just between you and me – I cannot speak Bisaya to save my life. Or maybe I can, I don’t know. I never really tried. I guess I’m just too conscious of being barok or something. I can understand the language though.

The point of this entry? Well, I’m just writing about what I love about the lovely island called Cebu.

As with any island in the Philippines, there is no shortage of good beaches in Cebu. From north, to south, the island is home to beaches that will make you want to bury your feet in the sand.

Mactan Island

Although the closest to the city, expect that the beaches here are not as beautiful as the ones a bit farther off. About thirty to forty five minutes away from the city, Mactan is still the perfect go to place for a quick beach getaway.

Stay at Shangri-La Mactan if you can, as the sand here is better than the other beaches. (Rumor has it they had sand imported from elsewhere. Haha.) It’s a bit pricier though, as could be expected from Shangri-La. Aside from the sand, you get great service from their very attentive employees. Shangri-La also houses a marine sanctuary, so you can spend your morning swimming with the fishes. They also bring out the stale bread from breakfast for the guests to feed the fishes.

Shangrila Mactan, December 2013

Shangrila Mactan, December 2013

Shangrila Mactan, August 2009

Shangrila Mactan, 2010

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, check out Be Resorts. Although the beach is not wide, nor particularly jaw dropping, the vibe of the hotel makes up for it. You can also try out Plantation Bay. It’s been a while since I was last there but I hear it still looks nice.

Be Resorts, 2010

Sunset by the Beach, Be Resorts, 2010

Be Resorts, December 2013

Caohagan Island

Part of the islands that make up the Olango chain, expect bright blue waters and soft white sand. However, I think Caohagan is more known as a lunch stopover for those going island hopping. The town has a very organized group of sellers that sell all kinds of seafood. Believe me, some of them I have never even seen in my whole life. Haha. Enjoy the area more by going island hopping, as there are a lot of islands in the area where you can spend your afternoon in.

Oh, don’t forget to go snorkeling. The area is a marine sanctuary so you can see a lot of fish and corals.

Caohagan, June 2014

Caohagan, June 2014

Caohagan Seafood, August 2011


MoalBoal is about 2 to 3 hours south of the city. When you get to the town, you will be greeted by a stretch of white sand beaches flanked by resorts. There are also parts that are a bit rocky though, so it might be a bit of a walk before you reach the white sand area. If you’re just there for the day, you can rent out the huts by the beach. If you plan on staying overnight, HaleManna Resort is a good choice if you want something that feels like home.

Moalboal, August 2011

Cloudy Beach Day, Moalboal, August 2011

San Remigio

This is about 2 to 3 hours north of the city, the town of San Remigio has the longest coastline in all of Cebu. Nestled amongst the sugarcane plantations in Northern Cebu are resorts that offer peace and quiet. In fact, this is where my family and I went to right after my mom died because we wanted to go somewhere where we wouldn’t be bothered by people. Didn’t get to swim though, as the water really didn’t feel inviting at that time. (I guess it was because I was grieving. Haha.)

Also, I don’t have any pictures. Hahaha.

Bantayan Island

2 – 3 hours away from the city by bus, and another 45 minutes or so via ro-ro, Bantayan Island is the best beach I’ve gone to in Cebu. This is sort of what Boracay had looked like twenty years ago – powdery white sand, small, quaint resorts, and just time between you and the sea. I suggest you stay at Marlin’s Beach Resort, but then since most of the resorts are just on the same stretch of sand it doesn’t really matter where you stay.

Marlin’s Beach Resort, Bantayan Island, 2008

Kota Beach, Bantayan Island, 2010

Bantayan Island, 2010

Other beach-y things to go to/to do that I haven’t done:

  • Movenpick’s Ibiza Beach Club
  • Malapascua Island
  • Oslob – swim with the butandings!
  • Sumilon Island – I want to try glamping! 🙂

(to be continued)


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