Before the year is over, I shall endeavor to write about all my travels of this year! I’ve got quite a long backlog, but here goes!

So my friend and I went to Macau as well, because we couldn’t think of anything else to do in HongKong (and also to get more stamps on our passport hihihihi.) On a cold and rainy Sunday, we boarded the Turbojet bound for Macau. We had no problems getting tickets and boarding the sea vessel, and also looking for a ride from the terminal to the hotels. Everything was fine, except us figuring out what we wanted to do in Macau.

Obviously, the casinos were out of the question. It had no appeal whatsoever. (Probably because we didn’t have money hahaha.) So anyway, from the Macau Ferry Terminal, we rode a free shuttle bus to the Wynn, and took a cab to Senado Square.



Sobrang daming tao, okay. Like there were literally people everywhere, we couldn’t take pictures properly! The weather was also horrible. Imagine having to go through the people while getting drenched by the rain. Huhuhu.

We tried out the egg tarts though. They were yummy but too oily for my taste.



We also went inside the Museo de Macau (Yes, because we’re geeky like that. Haha) and learned a bit about Macau’s history.  Of course HongKong had the better museum, but then Macau’s had that small town small museum feel. What’s funny is that all their guards are Filipino, so we had them take our pictures around the place. Hahaha. 🙂

That’s about it! We ended up having more misadventures that day (aside from getting drenched from the rain,) but that’s something for personal kwento, para mas masaya. 🙂


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