Turning 29 in Seoul (Day 3)

Day 3 was pretty long actually, not to mention stressful. For this particular trip, I had wanted to go to Nami Island, just because I hadn’t seen it before. Unfortunately, this was also the day we were supposed to fly back to Manila, so we had to be extra conscious of the time.

Early that day, we made our way to the Yongsan Station to catch the ITX to Gapyeong. I don’t know if something was off that day or what, but we kept missing the train. Hahaha. We had to have our tickets refunded twice – so the people at the ticket booth eventually had us escorted to the platform to wait for the correct train to Gapyeong.


It was about an hour and half train ride, where my sister and I were standing the whole time. 😦 Yeah, we didn’t foresee the possibility of the train being fully booked. Anyway, here are the things we did in the area:

Petite France

We took a cab to here, thinking it’ll be more convenient. WE WERE SO WRONG. We didn’t realize that it would be super expensive because it was a bit far from the Station.

But anyway, it was such a quaint little place! If you’re into the Little Prince, then you’d totally love this place. The food was quite expensive though. Ate and I had our lunch here and it was your typical theme park lunch, nothing really filling.

Nami Island



From Petite France we boarded the Gapyeong Tour Bus to the ferry to Nami Island. The highlight of my afternoon was going around the island with a bike! It was so much better than just walking around aimlessly. We got to cover more ground too! Of course, we had our photos taken with the gigantic centuries old trees that Nami Island is famous for.


From there we rushed on back to Seoul to catch our flight back to Manila, officially ending my 29th birthday in Seoul. 🙂


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