The Lazy Girl’s Trip to Baler (Day 1)

2016 is starting to become a milestone year for our barkada, with three of my friends getting married, and two migrating to different countries. Our course, we had to celebrate their despedida with a trip somewhere. One of the considerations was that we couldn’t go someplace which requires an airplane ride because of budget constraints. 2016 after all, is a year for expenses so we had to keep the expenses at a minimum.

We ended up going to Baler this year, which we aptly called #BaLeighR, taking the cue from last year’s #MaLeighpascua trip.

We had rented a van for our 3d2n trip, so at 2am on a Friday, we started our 7 hour journey to Baler, Aurora. I was asleep for most of the time, so I didn’t really get to appreciate the scenery. It was kind of overwhelming waking in up in Nueva Vizcaya though. Hahaha. I mean, hello, I never once thought I’d get to go to Nueva Vizcaya in my life.

We got there at around 9ish in the morning, so we promptly had breakfast at Bay’s Inn. The food was awesome! (or maybe because we were too hungry to care? Lol.) The rest of the day was spent hanging out at Aliya Surf Camp, where the wind was just glorious. It was hot and sticky that day, so we were looking for someplace presko.

I just have to say, nothing beats just hanging out by the ocean, with an ice cold beer in one hand. 🙂


I was pleasantly surprised by the beach. Initially I was apprehensive because I had seen in photos that the sand in Baler was dark. At first glance it was a bit dirty, but I was won over by how the sand looked like glass after the water washed out. On that part of the beach there were no rocks or stones or any kind, and you could just run barefoot without getting scared that you might step on something icky.

Dinner was spent in the very touristy Baler Surf Grill. I guess we got lured by the Volkswagen Beetle turned grill. The food was yummy, don’t get me wrong. I just have an issue with eating in the dark. Hahahaha.


Anyway, that’s it for Day 1. We were too lazy to do anything else but hang out, swim, and eat.



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