The Lazy Girl’s Trip To Baler (Day 2)

After suggesting so many activities for our only full day in Baler, we ended up spending majority of our second day in Dicasalarin Cove. The Mother Falls was vetoed because of the 1.3 km hike, and the hanging bridge was put aside because we just really wanted to hang out by the beach.

After having breakfast at El Teodoro, we dropped by the grocery to buy food and drinks (actually, it was just chips and alcohol hahaha) and off we went to Dicasalarin Cove.

It was a quick 30 minute drive to that part of town. After paying the PHP 300 entrance fee at the gate, we drove through a very narrow road through the mountains. Ordinarily I’d be freaked out, but the view was awesome so I was pleasantly distracted.


The beach was just paradise. It was a wide cove with white sand and almost no people. We found ourselves a spot under a coconut tree and proceeded to take pictures and swim. The water was warm and clean. Not too clear though, but it didn’t matter. It was just too beautiful and too hot to not swim.

Apparently there were also tide pools around the cove, but because we were our usual lazy selves, we didn’t bother going there. Nor did we bother going up to the lighthouse which was up a cliff. I assume the view there is awesome, but that wasn’t worth going up a cliff for. Sorry. Hahaha.

I just really live for days I can lie down under a tree by the beach with this as my view —


At 5PM, we had not choice but to pack up and leave because the place was only open to the public until that time.

So we went back to Sabang Beach, and had more drinks at Aliya. We also tried to swim in the rain (because it started raining on our way back from Dicasalarin) but when the lightning started, we ran back to our table. Hahaha.

Anyway, we found another great restaurant for dinner. Kusina Luntian was a cute, home-y place for intimate dinners. Hahaha. I say “intimate” because the place was so quiet, I was afraid to laugh out loud for fear of disturbing the other diners. I don’t have pictures of the place, but it was just a bamboo hut where the diners had to sit on the floor while eating. Of course, slippers were not allowed.

The most amazing part? OMG THE PAKO. I got the grilled liempo, which had a side of Pako with it. I kinda feel bad I didn’t get the Pako salad, because it was super, super yummy! It was crunchy and sweet and it didn’t taste like a vegetable at all!

Yeah my dinner was very Tito-of-Manila with the beer and all, but I would definitely go back for this the next time I’m in Baler!



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