The Lazy Girl’s Trip to Baler (Day 3)

What is Baler without surfing?

Well, for someone like me who didn’t go surfing, it’s a lot of things — it was about food, the beach, and just generally enjoying my time with my friends, this being our last trip in quite a while.

But then, there’s this small part of me that regrets not learning how to surf. Nandun na ko eh. Ohwell.


We wokeΒ up early on our third and last day in Baler, so we can maximize the time we had left. We wanted to have breakfast in Costa Pacifica, but unfortunately, we ended up at Bay’s Inn again. Next up on the schedule was for some of us to try out surfing. And surf, they did!

Meanwhile, Clare and I spent the morning in the water, just hanging out and making kwento. We might have spent too much time in the water actually, because I got a really, really bad sunburn after. In fact, as I type right now, my back is peeling. Hahaha.


I don’t know if its just me, but I really hate packing up after a vacation.

Anyway, we stopped by the town proper for some of us to have lunch at Gerry Shan’s.Β The food looked very inviting, but I didn’t eat lunch anymore because I was scared for the long trip back. Better safe than sorry. πŸ™‚

On the way out of Baler, we passed by the Millenium Tree. Β It was also a bit weird I guess, because there was a group who put barriers on the road, in the hopes of getting donations from the tourists. They had a rope to stop cars from going into the area. It sounded a bit like extortion, IMHO.

The tree was huuugeeeee. And also a bit freaky, too. I kept saying tabi-tabi po just in case.Β I wanted to do a Game of Thrones tableau with the three eyed raven, Bran Stark, Hodor, and the Children of the Forest, but there were too many people. 😦 I just ended up taking a warging photo of myself instead, hahaha. If you wanna see it, you’re gonna have to ask me personally.



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