Reminder to Self


I’m posting this as a reminder to myself to write about the following travel destinations when I eventually have the time:

  1. Phuket (June 2016)
  2. Beijing (December 2016)
  3. Taiwan (December 2016)
  4. Oxford (April 2017)
  5. London (April 2017)
  6. Sydney (June 2017)

Obviously I’m way behind on my blogging. I only hope to find time to write this 2018. 🙂

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope and pray 2018 turns out awesome for all of us!


The Moot Life

Mr. President, your Excellencies, good afternoon. My name is Maria Leonila Villegas, first counsel for applicants…

Hello world! The prodigal blogger is back again for some life updates. I haven’t written for almost a year but I have a valid excuse, I promise.

Aside from the usual shenanigans, I have recently embarked on a new adventure called mooting. In the past 6 months, I have competed in three Moot Court competitions here and abroad. Yeah, I’m crazy like that. Moot Court is a bit difficult to explain, so I just end up saying that I competed in debate competitions. But for those that are curious about what Moot Court is, here’s the Wikipedia article. Haha.

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Throwback Entry from November 15, 2007

Today was a boring day at work so I ended up reading old blog posts from college. Guess what I stumbled upon! Hahahaha.

Not a lot of people know that I actually took the UP LAE twice, one in 2007, and one in 2011. This was my 21 year old self talking about how scary the future is.

tomorrow, I will finally do something concrete for my future. [11/15/07 – 12:25 pm]
When I was a kid, when anyone asks me what I wanted to be in the future, I always said that I wanted to be a lawyer. It seemed like the perfect job — most lawyers are sort of well off, and no one messes with lawyers, because they know how to protect themselves. At the same time, I’ve always admired people who could speak so forcefully without being rude, people who are eloquent and very good with words.

But when it came to a point when I realized how hard it is to become one, suddenly, it was like I didn’t want to become one anymore. Having to go through 4 more years of school (and this time, it won’t be like how I got by college. I’m really gonna have to STUDY.), and having to read lots and lots and lots of readings and shit did not really excite me. It’s like.. I know I want to be a lawyer in the future, but I didn’t want to go through all the things that will make me one.

And so I left it up to fate. (In other words, hindi ko na siya inisip, and pretended that the dilemma did not exist. Hahaha.)

Now, when I’m suddenly becoming open to my other career choices, my dad comes barging in and orders me to take law school entrance exams, regardless of whether I wanted to become one or not.

So that’s why, tomorrow, I’m going to be submitting my UP Law application form.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. I’m nervous because regardless of whether I do go to law school, submitting the application form is already a big step towards my future. Sabi nga ni Tina kanina, at least, I’m finally doing something concrete about it. I’m nervous because it feels like.. it’s really going to happen. It’s becoming a real possibility for me. I’m also nervous because I might be embarking on something that I don’t really want to go through, and in a sense,closing all doors to other things that I may want to do in the future.

But at the same time, I’m also just cool about it all. There’s still the question of whether I’ll pass the test or not (given that apparently, there’s a math section, and I TOTALLY SUCK AT MATH. I don’t even remember a thing about Ma11.), so there’s still a chance that I may not be able to go to law school after all.

I’m excited too, because this may turn out as another blessing in disguise, just like how I got into the Ateneo. (My dad first forced me to go here, despite my wanting to go to DLSU, but I ended up enjoying every bit of my stay in Ateneo.)

In the end, what am I to do? Obviously, if you know me, you’d know what I’m probably doing right now. (Yes, I’m pretending the dilemma doesn’t exist.) I’m just letting fate decide things for me, since I can’t really decide on this for myself.

I’m going through with the application, but I’m absolutely refusing to study for the test. I’ll answer the test with whatever knowledge I have right now. If I’m meant to go there, then I’ll pass. If I’m not, then maybe its time to look for a job. 🙂

The Lazy Girl’s Trip to Baler (Day 3)

What is Baler without surfing?

Well, for someone like me who didn’t go surfing, it’s a lot of things — it was about food, the beach, and just generally enjoying my time with my friends, this being our last trip in quite a while.

But then, there’s this small part of me that regrets not learning how to surf. Nandun na ko eh. Ohwell.


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The Lazy Girl’s Trip To Baler (Day 2)

After suggesting so many activities for our only full day in Baler, we ended up spending majority of our second day in Dicasalarin Cove. The Mother Falls was vetoed because of the 1.3 km hike, and the hanging bridge was put aside because we just really wanted to hang out by the beach.

After having breakfast at El Teodoro, we dropped by the grocery to buy food and drinks (actually, it was just chips and alcohol hahaha) and off we went to Dicasalarin Cove.

It was a quick 30 minute drive to that part of town. After paying the PHP 300 entrance fee at the gate, we drove through a very narrow road through the mountains. Ordinarily I’d be freaked out, but the view was awesome so I was pleasantly distracted.


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The Lazy Girl’s Trip to Baler (Day 1)

2016 is starting to become a milestone year for our barkada, with three of my friends getting married, and two migrating to different countries. Our course, we had to celebrate their despedida with a trip somewhere. One of the considerations was that we couldn’t go someplace which requires an airplane ride because of budget constraints. 2016 after all, is a year for expenses so we had to keep the expenses at a minimum.

We ended up going to Baler this year, which we aptly called #BaLeighR, taking the cue from last year’s #MaLeighpascua trip.

We had rented a van for our 3d2n trip, so at 2am on a Friday, we started our 7 hour journey to Baler, Aurora. I was asleep for most of the time, so I didn’t really get to appreciate the scenery. It was kind of overwhelming waking in up in Nueva Vizcaya though. Hahaha. I mean, hello, I never once thought I’d get to go to Nueva Vizcaya in my life.

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Turning 29 in Seoul (Day 3)

Day 3 was pretty long actually, not to mention stressful. For this particular trip, I had wanted to go to Nami Island, just because I hadn’t seen it before. Unfortunately, this was also the day we were supposed to fly back to Manila, so we had to be extra conscious of the time.

Early that day, we made our way to the Yongsan Station to catch the ITX to Gapyeong. I don’t know if something was off that day or what, but we kept missing the train. Hahaha. We had to have our tickets refunded twice – so the people at the ticket booth eventually had us escorted to the platform to wait for the correct train to Gapyeong.


It was about an hour and half train ride, where my sister and I were standing the whole time. 😦 Yeah, we didn’t foresee the possibility of the train being fully booked. Anyway, here are the things we did in the area:

Petite France

We took a cab to here, thinking it’ll be more convenient. WE WERE SO WRONG. We didn’t realize that it would be super expensive because it was a bit far from the Station.

But anyway, it was such a quaint little place! If you’re into the Little Prince, then you’d totally love this place. The food was quite expensive though. Ate and I had our lunch here and it was your typical theme park lunch, nothing really filling.

Nami Island



From Petite France we boarded the Gapyeong Tour Bus to the ferry to Nami Island. The highlight of my afternoon was going around the island with a bike! It was so much better than just walking around aimlessly. We got to cover more ground too! Of course, we had our photos taken with the gigantic centuries old trees that Nami Island is famous for.


From there we rushed on back to Seoul to catch our flight back to Manila, officially ending my 29th birthday in Seoul. 🙂