Plan:Eat Program Food Delivery!

The first month of being a bum is almost over, finally. August was.. well, it was definitely one for the books. I’d probably remember it as a very challenging month (which it really was,) and a month of firsts (more on that on a different entry probably.) I wasn’t entirely a bum anyway. I spent August editing a sorority sister’s textbook, and being my usual kaladkarin self. The latter part refers to me watching tons of movies and musicals, going to museums and just doing lots of random stuff! 

Anyway, one of the things I started doing was to have food delivered at home. This isn’t really to lose weight (though I admit, that’s also one of the reasons,) but more of to have a better eating lifestyle. You see, we have a very weird food culture here at home; everyone basically just keeps to himself/herself when eating. Yes, that means we don’t eat together as a family. Hahaha. Our helper also cooks different kinds of food for all of us during meals, and unfortunately, the food being cooked for me is almost always fried or canned.. you get the picture. I guess this is because she knows I’m not a big fan of Filipino lutong bahay

I took quite a long time deciding which food delivery company to choose, but since money is the biggest consideration for me right now, I chose Plan:Eat Program. With them, the amount you pay is same as the amount of calories you want your day’s meals to contain. Because I chose a 1,200 k/cal program, I only pay PhP 1,200 a week, which includes 3 full meals and 2 snacks per day, for Monday – Friday. That’s only about PhP 240 a day for food! Oh, but the rate does not include the delivery fee though, which they may charge depending on where you live. I’m lucky enough to live close by to them I guess, so I’m not covered by their delivery fee. 🙂 

They have other plans too. Aside from the 1,200 k/cal plan, they have 1,500, 1,800 and 2,000. You’re free to choose which one you prefer for your desired goals. 🙂 I chose the 1,200 k/cal plan because I wanted to give myself a little leeway with the calories, in case I end up getting myself some Starbucks. Hahaha. 

So far I’m happy with the food — in the two weeks that I’ve ordered from them, they haven’t repeated any viand yet. I’m also happy that for diet food, they’re surprisingly tasty and not afraid of rice/carbs. I actually find myself not being able to finish the rice that they include in the meals. Hahaha. 

Photo 8-26-14, 10 56 46 AM

This has been my favorite food delivery day so far — for breakfast was Bacon and Egg fried rice, and an apple for mid-morning snack. Lunch was a Bacon and blue cheese burger with potato chips (YUM!!!), snack was the chocolate peanut butter bar (YUM!!!), and dinner was Chicken Barbecue with veggies and java rice. 

See, they’re not afraid of bacon and potato chips! Yay! 🙂 

This is what they have for next week — 

Photo 8-29-14, 11 47 12 PM


So far I’m excited for the turon w/ dulce de leche dip and the salted caramel, chocolate and peanut bar. Oh, and also for the crispy chicken breast w/ soy and sesame! 

I’ve actually been feeling better about my eating habits ever since I started. I think now I eat the proper proportion of vegetables and my food isn’t made of preservatives anymore. Though I don’t really check my weight, I also feel lighter and less sluggish. 🙂 One more good thing is that I don’t feel as deprived as I would normally feel if I’m on a diet, because I still have my weekends. Technically, I can eat whatever I want during weekends, but I keep it to a minimum. 🙂 

If you wanna know more, follow them on Instagram at @planeat_program! 


Seoul Searching Diaries: KOREAN FOOD!!!

This entry will contain a shit load of photos, just because I cannot for the life of me describe the food that we ate in Seoul. All I know is that I enjoyed all of them! :)) Allan and I went on an all-Korean diet while we were there, so we got to taste perhaps a good representative demographic (that sounds so serious!) of Korean food. We did fast food, street food, junk food, the grilled meat that I totally loved, and buffet.

Fast food: Lotteria

The first meal of the day was at a random Lotteria branch inside a mall whose name I could no longer remember. We split a Bulgogi burger and some chicken strips. Some actually say that the Korean Mcdonalds’ version of the Bulgogi burger is better, but I didn’t mind. I was there for the experience anyway.

Oh, no food photos for this one. We were too hungry! Hahaha. 🙂

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Sunday Cooking with Leigh

Today I channeled my inner Martha Stewart and tried my hand at cooking. Now I get why people say this is a stress reliever — it gives such a sense of accomplishment when the food turns out well.

This all came about because our trusty 20-year old turbo broiler finally bid farewell. (Seriously, that thing belongs in a museum. Haha.) My sister bought a new oven and yeah, you get it. New kitchen toy that I wanted to play with, so I cooked the cheesiest Baked Macaroni you can ever dream of. 🙂

Okay, now I go back to studying!

Baked Macaroni ala Leonila