Life Bucket List

Because I cannot stress enough how much I love lists, here is THE list to top all lists I’ve ever made —

1. Become a lawyer

2. Be in a movie (panindigan ko na to, since I’ve been on TV and on the radio hahaha)

3. Get published (the high school paper doesn’t count!)

4. Learn a sport that I could do until I get old

5. Write my own memoirs (a life like mine has to be told! lol.)

6. Find my one great love and keep him!

7. Get married wearing Mama’s wedding gown (and try to make it fit me!)

8. Travel the world and see the places I had only read about!

  • Asia
    • East Asia
      • See Mt. Fuji
      • Go to Harry Potter land
      • Eat really authentic sushi in Japan
      • Carry on a conversation in straight Japanese while in Japan
      • China’s Forbidden City, walk like Miaka on the intro of Fushigi Yuugi, along the Great Wall  (December 2010, November 2016) 
      • See The Himalayas (but I don’t wanna climb a mountain!)
      • Shanghai’s The Bund (December 2013) 
      • See North Korea from the DMZ  (May 2014)
      • Disneyland, Hongkong! (August 2015)
      • Visit Harbin, China, and go inside and igloo
      • Ride a Gondola in The Venetian, Macau (June 2008) 
    • SouthEast Asia
    • South/Central Asia
      • See the Taj Mahal, learn how to play Cricket, watch a Bollywood movie in India
      • Be all Indiana Jones-like and visit Petra
      • MALDIVES
      • Ride a camel in the middle east
      • Go on a Biblical tour — Israel, Jordan, etc.
      • Swim in the Dead Sea!! (and exfoliate hahaha)
  • Australia/New Zealand
    • See a Koala and a Kangaroo up close  (Taronga Zoo, Blue Mountains,June 2017)
    • See Mount Uluru/Ayers Rock (and try to sing Kylie Minogue songs while there, just like what they did in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert hahaha)
    • Swim in the Great Barrier Reef
    • Go on a Lord of the Rings Tour in New Zealand
  • Europe
    • Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow
    • Watch a West End Musical  (Dreamgirls! April 2017)
    • Visit British Museums  (Ashmolean, Oxford Natural History Museum, V&A, April 2017)
    • Visit Palaces and Castles (Windsor, Buckingham, April 2017)
    • Eat croissants with the Eiffel Tower in the background
    • LOUVRE!
    • Go to that part of the Berlin Wall where David Hasselhoff sang hahaha
    • Reconnect with my Spanish roots in Spain (chos haha)
    • Stuff myself with pizza and pasta in Italy
    • Swim in the Aegean Sea

[to be continued]


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