The Lazy Girl’s Trip to Baler (Day 3)

What is Baler without surfing?

Well, for someone like me who didn’t go surfing, it’s a lot of things — it was about food, the beach, and just generally enjoying my time with my friends, this being our last trip in quite a while.

But then, there’s this small part of me that regrets not learning how to surf. Nandun na ko eh. Ohwell.


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The Lazy Girl’s Trip To Baler (Day 2)

After suggesting so many activities for our only full day in Baler, we ended up spending majority of our second day in Dicasalarin Cove. The Mother Falls was vetoed because of the 1.3 km hike, and the hanging bridge was put aside because we just really wanted to hang out by the beach.

After having breakfast at El Teodoro, we dropped by the grocery to buy food and drinks (actually, it was just chips and alcohol hahaha) and off we went to Dicasalarin Cove.

It was a quick 30 minute drive to that part of town. After paying the PHP 300 entrance fee at the gate, we drove through a very narrow road through the mountains. Ordinarily I’d be freaked out, but the view was awesome so I was pleasantly distracted.


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The Lazy Girl’s Trip to Baler (Day 1)

2016 is starting to become a milestone year for our barkada, with three of my friends getting married, and two migrating to different countries. Our course, we had to celebrate their despedida with a trip somewhere. One of the considerations was that we couldn’t go someplace which requires an airplane ride because of budget constraints. 2016 after all, is a year for expenses so we had to keep the expenses at a minimum.

We ended up going to Baler this year, which we aptly called #BaLeighR, taking the cue from last year’s #MaLeighpascua trip.

We had rented a van for our 3d2n trip, so at 2am on a Friday, we started our 7 hour journey to Baler, Aurora. I was asleep for most of the time, so I didn’t really get to appreciate the scenery. It was kind of overwhelming waking in up in Nueva Vizcaya though. Hahaha. I mean, hello, I never once thought I’d get to go to Nueva Vizcaya in my life.

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What I Love About Cebu (Part 1)

Because I’m already planning my next Cebu trip even though I was just there less than a month ago, I decided to write about Cebu this time around. I figured it was so weird I wasn’t writing about it considering I’m always there.

Ever since I can remember, I have been going there at least once a year because most of my family from both maternal and paternal sides are there. Now, non-family related trips to Cebu have become more frequent as I have accumulated quite a lot friends there already. Oh, I also forgot to mention that I lived there for a month or so while training for the Biggest Loser Finale.

I guess this makes me a pseudo-Cebuana, right? Although just between you and me – I cannot speak Bisaya to save my life. Or maybe I can, I don’t know. I never really tried. I guess I’m just too conscious of being barok or something. I can understand the language though.

The point of this entry? Well, I’m just writing about what I love about the lovely island called Cebu.

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Seoul Searching Diaries: Seeing North Korea from the DMZ


Seeing North Korea has always been a fantasy of mine.  I know, I know. There’s nothing much to see there, but come on, how many people do you know have actually seen North Korea? Good thing my friend also shares the same sentiments, so we booked ourselves a tour to the DMZ on our second day. We originally wanted to get the DMZ and JSA tour, but time constraints wouldn’t allow us to do so. 

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Seoul Searching Diaries: The Touristy Things

3 days in Seoul was definitely not enough to cover all that we wanted to do in the city. I actually had this excel file of things that we wanted to do or see, and we only got to doing about half of the things there. 😦 Of course, being the culture geeks that we are, we had to do the typical touristy things in Seoul.

Seoul City Tour Bus, KRW 12,000 (



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Seoul Searching Diaries: Gom Guesthouse Dongdaemun

Having secured our visas for South Korea, Agoda was our go to website to find accommodations for our stay in Seoul. Allan and I really wanted to stay at the Myeongdong area because of friends’ recommendations, but alas, we ended up staying at Dongdaemun.

A quick search of accommodations in Seoul will result in a handful of hotels and a lot of hostels/guesthouses. I really just wanted to stay at a cheap hostel/guesthouse because I figured we wouldn’t be staying long in there anyway. After all, we only needed a place to sleep at and to leave our stuff in. We initially chose Gom Guesthouse Myeongdong because of the photos and the reviews on Agoda, but after booking, they emailed us saying that there had been a mix up and they had no available room for us on the date that we wanted. They moved us to their Dongdaemun branch instead. I would’ve been annoyed at this, but they were so nice and apologetic about it, I couldn’t find it in me to be annoyed. 🙂

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